Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Seth at two

Apple Kids 'Convocation'

Delhi - Kochi

We reluctantly left Delhi yesterday. We'd had such a lovely week at Francesca's home in Malcha Marg. It's a crescent of houses arranged around a private park and it's so pretty and peaceful.

I had such dread about going back to Kochi, especially without Ollie. I don't seem able to handle India without him by my side.

The flight was fine. Incredibly one of the very few people I know in Fort Cochin was sitting next to us! A French woman who is friends with Cristelle and had joined us for coffee last week. She was great with the boys, and they both eventually passed out on the empty seats across the aisle, not even waking for the landing.

The journey from the airport was awful. It took 2.5 hours 40+ degrees outside, no AC inside, three empty water bottles and rammed in traffic. I was feeling more and more claustrophobic, being trapped in a place where it takes over two hours to get out. The journey was 11 hours in total, so I was less than impressed to find no electricity at Sui House. It's complicated, but in summary, we had to move to another place, which wasn't great for my sanity, mood, or general feelings about India!!

I was then so hooked on my book (The girl on the landing by Paul Torday) that I ended up staying up til 3am to finish it and being spooked out by the subject matter...  poor Sethie didn't find me in a great mood for his 2nd birthday. We did all sleep from 3-6pm this afternoon, which was wonderful, and with Mama feeling slightly less out of sorts we dressed up and headed out for dinner. But aaaah, those lovely days in the diplomatic enclave in Delhi. Thank you Francesca!

Varun Sardana Catwalk Show at India Fashion Week

Partners in crime

Imp alert 1. Hear Seth outside the front door at Francesca's saying 'up! up! up! up!' Put my head around the corner and find him at the top of the stairs with Bo a few steps below...

Imp alert 2. Sethie shares his crayons with Bo who grabs the black one and thinks this is great fun, I can even draw on my face...

Imp alert 3: Hear music was blaring out from the sitting room. I walk through to find Bo in charge of the stereo and Seth installed on Francesca's laptop...

Retro terrace party with Francesca, Palash and pals

Monday, 29 March 2010

Serenity in the city

I had a couple of hours to myself yesterday and I headed to Lodi Gardens, my favourite spot in Delhi. We stayed around the corner, at Lutyen's Bungalow, when we were in Delhi en route to Rajasthan in 2008. Each morning I went running in Lodi Gardens, and in the afternoons went for strolls with four-month old Seth in the Bjorn. 

Lodi Gardens is just a park (about a third of the size of Regents Park in London) with some ancient tombs, but it is so tranquil and beautiful, and such a wonderful oasis of calm in the middle of this crazy city. 

This was my favourite view from yesterday's walk.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Wife or wildlife?

Ollie has been offered a place on a WWF trip to Ranthambore (famous for its tigers) leaving from Delhi on Friday. Which means he's abandoning me and I'm flying back to Kochi (via Hyderabad) tomorrow with the two boys. Aaargh!! This is India where NOBODY helps parents with children. EVER. Five hours in the air with a no frills, no service airline and the two imps crawling all over me and causing chaos...

It also means Ol will miss Seth's 2nd birthday (on Tuesday) + another full week apart. We'll celebrate Seth's birthday when we're together again, and I don't suppose Sethie will notice or care. The upside is that we're hoping Ol can sort us out with a family trip to Rathambore so we can go tiger spotting for Bo's 1st birthday in June.

Think of me tomorrow, and be very glad you're not on the same plane as me!!

Shop Delhi: cut price clothing at Sarojini Market

Snoozy Seth


Like his Grandpa Balch and Uncle Bo, Seth shows a weakness for zoomy Audis.

Testdriving tacky tuk tuks (at India Fashion Week)

Seth takes Fashion Week by storm