Friday, 20 November 2009

Kerala: 'God's Own Country'

"We had been walking for about an hour when the countryside opened up. On every side stretched plantations of cashew and cucalyptus, groves of coconut-palms and plantains, low green scrub, stands of bamboo, patches of tapioca and the remnants of primeval forest where the black pepper vine thrives. One is overwhelmed her by the sheer abundance - the boundless exhuberance - of Kerala's fertility.  It is as though the Lord of Creation had given way, at this point, to the promptings of a wild and joyous extravagance...'  Dervla Murphy, in On a Shoestring to Coorg

India bound

Flights are booked. We leave Argentina on Boxing Day (December 26th), have a short stay at home in England, and fly directly to Kochi on January 18. I intend to keep up on the Argentine design scene and write on my Argentina blog doble M design but here I'll blog through a year in India with my husband Oliver, our two small boys Seth and Bo Benji, on setting up home in Kochi, Kerala, and recording in photos and words the beautiful, interesting and quirky things I find along the way.